Saturday, February 14, 2009

my kitchen is a disaster

From about 1-330 each day I have some down time - all 3 go down for naps or room/quiet time & with 3 kids....well, it's a joyous time that I rarely give up for anything. But Valentine's day is tomorrow & baking & decorating cookies just seemed like something I couldn't pass up. So it went......2 of the 3 went to bed & the eldest & I set out to destroy the kitchen. She literally took the flour & rubbed it all over her face.
It was one of those days......I bought all of the fun red, pink & white sprinkles & such about a month ago & tucked it away. Very unlike me. I'm a procrastinator. I work best under pressure & I have my best ideas at the 11th hour. I can't think of a time in all my years of school that I ever ever ever had a paper completed on time & they always turned out pretty darn good.
If I start my Christmas shopping too early I simply have more time to spend money so it's best to leave all the shopping & all the prep for all the projects until the last minute.
But I digress, I can't find the sprinkles anywhere.
Which is why I should never sway from my ways of normalcy.
But I can be stubborn - and yes, even about things like valentine's cookies...because the opportunity is there only for a what to do?
Load 3 kids in the car & head to the store??, not so much. Oh & did I mention the sugar cookie mix I also bought for this exact occasion was MIA as well......
No big deal...take butter out of the fridge - get it to room temp. Grab the sugar....oh, wait.....I'm like just about out of sugar.....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd how do you make sugar cookies without sugar. Well, according to the internet - you use brown sugar. & we used food coloring to color the little white sugar I did have & we had a little bit of random sprinkles ......

And they turned out fantastic! We had a blast. So Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Thanks for tuning in to the very long winded story of how the cookies came to be :).

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Jill said...

Those cookies are beautiful! Seriously, that's amazing! Sounds so fun - baking is my favorite and I have so many fun memories of baking with my Mom. Makes me smile to read this!

Natalie said...

Looks like a blast and the cookies are beautiful!!! You inspire me.