Sunday, October 26, 2008

rainy day

Today was nice. I loved looking at my calendar last night to see absolutely nothing written down. The baby slept well, the big girl slept well & the boy slept in until 915! Pretty sure that's never happened around here. We let him snooze. The big girl & I bonded - & she helped me fold some clothes & load the dishwasher...she's gotten to be such the big helper! I'm grateful. The big guy woke up & we made jello, they took baths, played ball.....i guess you don't need the play by play. The point is that we didn't GO ANYWHERE. It was nice. We sat on the floor this afternoon & had milk & cookies.....these are pictures from our time together. The girl wore that get-up all day long. And something abo ut that tiara on her head demanded royal attention - from her end....not necessarily mine.
Do you like the boy's stripes & plaids?? Yep, that was me - I dressed him. I knew we weren't leaving the house & I didn't through the possiblility of photos being taken - so there.

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Margaret Weems Feldmayer said...

For some reason, the photo of Bo in his stripes and plaid reminds me of Billy. Something in the mouth, and a bit in the eyes. I miss him so much, just knowing he was in this world.