Monday, October 27, 2008

loving arms

Lee was bathing the big kids & putting them to bed while I fed the baby girl. Everyone came down to say good night. I asked big sister to sit on the sofa, asked her to put the boppy around her waist & she held out her hands like I was about to toss her a football. I smiled & placed the baby in her arms. Big grins all around - except from the baby which is why there's a pacifier in her mouth. But she calmed down & eventually loved the arms of her big sister. Sweet moments in the house. I put the baby down soon after & ran upstairs to grab a blanket. On the way down I held the blanket up to my face & just breathed it in. That new baby smell. No, that's not's the smell of my baby.
I am ovewhelmed -I've probably said that a few times....but I am overwhelmed with joy and with gratitude. 3 precious children......I pray in those moments of frustration & exhaustion, which undoubtedly come....sometimes daily....sometimes hourly....I pray that I will be reminded of this gratitude. Because my heart is stretched farther than I thought imaginable....a whole lotta love.

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Jill said...

Sweet pictures!!! Beautiful post. Good perspective. Love your sweet family.