Friday, May 9, 2008

Yummy greasy Goodness

I have heard people say that you should pay attention to your cravings especially when you're pregnant because your body is more than likely telling you what it "needs." I think there is a baby growing inside of me that has more "wants" than "needs" - which is comforting, I guess, to know that I am growing a human in my belly. But the cravings I am having are things that we should all avoid - health wise. And i'm blaming it all on the baby because it makes me feel better. So, the baby is craving things like Ribs from One Star Ranch, ice cream (calcium, obviously), buffalo wings, onion rings from OK Cafe (maybe i can justify this one for the onion), and The Varsity. I don't see the nutritional value in many of these foods. And I think the baby has a mind of her own. Yesterday I decided that I wanted Chinese Food - I had not eaten all day - it was 230, the kids are asleep so I needed them to deliver it. I called & thought as I dialed & the whole time on the phone "I'm going to get the steamed chicken and vegetables. Yes, that sounds lovely." Up until they actually asked for my order. "General Tso's Chicken please"
"With wings or soup?"
"Um, wings please and a couple of spring rolls"
"WHAT!? Who said that? "
But the baby has great taste. And I must tell you it was fabulous.
Anyway, here are some pictures from our latest trip to the V.

Not the best quality, so would someone give me some picture taking tips!?!??!


Faith said...

Hi Mrs.Mitchell,

my name is Faith Williams and I helped out in Lulu's Kindermusic class at Church of The Apostles. Lulu was one of my favorites in the class and I have all really missed seeing her. I like to read your blog and I really enjoy seeing the pictures of Lulu and Beau.Please tell Lulu I said hi and I hope we get to see y'all soon.

Faith :-)

Travis said...

Hey, Davis ...
It is Jennifer Price. I found your blog via Kittle. I've loved reading about you and your family. Your kids are adorable. I love your humor.

Ashleigh said...

YUM! you make me so hungry. stop posting about food!!