Friday, May 23, 2008

The Gardens

We went to the Botanical Gardens - one of our very favorite places in Atlanta. It is surreal to be in Midtown Atlanta & to feel like you're miles away from the city....just little hints of the tops of the buildings are reminders that you are in fact still right in the middle of it. They have a new exhibit that is so cool - these huge sculptures moving with the wind. There is even one that moves as you clap your hands or sing out loud. We were able to go with some of our very best friends, which just made it extra special.
There is a Children's Garden with a Water Garden, as well. These are some pictures from that. You may have seen me post pictures of this place from the past & you certanily will in the future.

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KK said...

I hope you did something fun for yourself...they say it's your birthday...dadadadada!!! Happy Birthday (a few days late).