Wednesday, May 7, 2008


We roadtripped this past weekend. Loaded up the car & headed to the Miss Gulf Coast. People always groan when the words "roadtrip"& "children" are in the same sentence. But we were looking forward to some time together. We Mitchells have been running too hard lately & when you're trapped in a car, well, the kids have your undivided attention & it was fun.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend. This boy...Man o man, I could eat him right up. I am loving this stage right now.

We visited Pass Christian after Katrina but the bridge had been taken out with the storm, so we didn't make it to Bay St. Louis to see the damage. I had seen pictures & video so I knew sort of what to expect. There is so much life around that place these days! Really encouraging. A GREAT coffee shop called the Mockingbird Cafe! And my to die for roast beef poboy place was wiped out by Katrina, but they have set up camp in a trailer & I have been salivating for one since I've been pregnant so when we found out we were headed down there, I literally planned our entire trip around a sandwich that you buy on the side of the road from a trailer. And it was worth it. It seems evident that the people who stuck around after the storm are committed to rebuilding a community. It's funny, we would never wish that to happen to us, but wouldn't it be neat to be a part of that rebuilding. Seems true with much of the tragedy we go through in life - we certainly wouldn't choose it or even choose to relive it, but after some time passes we realize that maybe we have been changed & aren't we glad for the change.

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