Sunday, February 17, 2013

my big date

The other night Lee took the girls on a date. 
To a big ol' dance.
And the girls were gonna get all gussied up & everyone was ex-cited.
In the midst of all the planning, Lee decided to help my little man plan a date for me.
That boy kept a total secret from me....apparently discussing all the plans with his sisters & his teacher!  And no one ever spilled the beans.
The boys knocked on the door at about 530 & my baby yelled, "COME IN!"
:) like a true little lady.
Quick 'date' etiquette education was had & then we opened the door to 2 dashing men with flowers in hand.

He handed me a hand written note with instructions on where to go & then another note at dinner with a gift card to pay for dinner.
We played dot to dot & had sweet conversation & he was the perfect gentleman.
And before we left the restaurant we made a stop in the ladies room :) because that's where you go when you're 5 & you're in a public place with your mommy.  And as he was in the stall next to mine & a lady was waiting just outside, he said, "Mom.  You're the best mom."
And the whole thing made me want to laugh & good cry because it was all so adorable & so precious.
Another note took us to Baskin Robbins & and another with words just for me & another asking me to watch Star Wars with him.   
It was a perfect evening.
I love this kid.  I love his heart & I love his heart for justice & his love for his sisters & how he put a scoop of rainbow sherbet & chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream together...because only a really adventurous person would do that.
I'm learning about boys & very specifically this boy.
He encourages us.
He's often got me in stitches of laughter.
And he's got me on my knees.

Lord, thank you for this little man.  Thank you for trusting me to be his mom.  My prayer is that he would see & delight in the plans that You have for him.  And that he would walk that out for an audience of one.


The Doster's said...

very sweet! Love it!

Anonymous said...

It just doesn't get any better than that. And I love that you're back to the blog - at least a little. I've really enjoyed seeing the new posts and seeing my sweet, funny, adorable cousins!
Love ya'll.

Nancy Clarkson said...

Haven't been able to sign in - just trying to test it.

Betsy said...

Precious. I love this little guys smile. What a lucky man in that house of girls!