Monday, March 18, 2013

Disney Part 1

My little guy has been asking for months what we were going to do to celebrate his birthday.
We have a deal in our family where we don't do big parties every year.  5 & 8 you get a party.
Every other year you are guaranteed to be celebrated.
Because we like to celebrate in this family.
Go big - as our friend Slate Fluker says.
We'll celebrate for a full month....because, why not!?
It's a great excuse to eat cupcakes & sip milkshakes & grab a cookie cake....all in the name of birthday month celebration.

So, we knew we would do something.
Lots of somethings, probably.
But we weren't totally sure what it would be.

Lee's been traveling a lot lately & he's been doing good things.
But we've missed him.
This little guy stuck in the middle of all the girls has really been missing him.
And it was looking like Lee was going to be out of town for the big birthday.
We couldn't figure out how to avoid it.
But when your trip for work happens to be in Orlando......
Well.  Sometimes you just decide to plan a spur of the moment surprise trip for the littles to the mother ship.
We've never been to Disney & the kids didn't have a clue!

Lee left Tuesday & I began the dark of night secret packing mission.
Picked the kids up from school on Wednesday & told them we were headed down to spend time with Dad.  That Dad didn't want to miss Bo's birthday so we were going to be with him.
And we drove & drove.
Picked up Lee, & the big girl, the only reader in the car, had fallen asleep.
We weren't sure how to tell them at this point, with one asleep & all.
So we didn't.
And about 10 minutes later the boy says from the back seat, "Disney?"
And the baby follows..."are we at the Magic Kingdom!?!"
And my big girl snored.
It was awesome.

The 4 of us giggled & were so excited & the big girl joined in on the excitement once we got out of the car to load into the hotel.

There's so much in my mind & in my heart that I want to download here....but I'm exhausted.
I'll get some pictures up for the family that continues to check in from time to time.  & I'll be back with more for the memory books real soon.


Anonymous said...

F U N !!! I bet that place was really magical with these three. And happy late birthday, Mr. Bo. I thought about you all day, but never where I could call or text. I hope it truly magical

The Doster's said...

Yay!!! The mother ship, I love it!!