Sunday, April 8, 2012

she said.

"my favorite color is not mayonnaise"

Seriously, I could write a book with all the funny things she says in it.
I get that no one would buy it.
But I certainly would keep a copy handy. 
And I bet my dad would.
And my cousin Nancy.
And maybe a few others.
There would be about 4 copies & in our minds they would be 'best sellers'
She seems too old to be just 3.
She's a tiny little thing with a mind that her little body just cannot catch up with.
And to me it's the perfect combination.
Because anything said at that high pitched voice is going to be cute.  Almost all of the time.
And I'm coming to simply expect the funny.....
and you're going to need to just expect that it will be documented.


Nancy C said...

You know I would be first in line for that book!

Nancy C said...
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Caroline said...

She is adorable!!! My favorite color isn't mayonnaise either. And I want my name on that waitlist. I think you're wrong, a lot of people would buy that book, she is hysterical!!!!