Sunday, April 1, 2012

going to the chapel

We have been riding the roller coaster around here.  But the good kind. 
It's been really really busy.....but the kind of busy that is exciting.   
Lee's little brother got married & all the kids got to be a part of it.
They had a blast, of course.  Stood so tall walking down the aisle.  I could barely see them as we were all leaning over one another trying to catch a glimpse, but I heard that the big girl methodically & slowly dropped her petals & the baby tried to carry the big basket & just tossed fistfuls of petals wherever.  
I hear the big girl looked irritated.
Sounds about right.
And I can picture that in my I'm good.
I did get to see the boy - held that Bible with both hands & walked like a little man in that tuxedo.  When did he start showing little signs of becoming such a big big boy?!

I told them all weekend to trust us.  That they didn't have a choice in the clothes they would wear & that the sugar would be limited & they would have to take naps & that they would need to be big about it....because something BIG was coming.
A party.
A celebration that I couldn't even describe because they've never seen anything like it before.  
And they did.

They ate well, rested, behaved beautifully through the wedding......

And then the party.

All the food - they didn't really care about.
The pink sprite - it was pretty awesome.
But it was the band.
The boy, who is more reserved than the girls, walked onto the dance floor curious, but a little uncertain.  And he stood super still.
And then his legs started shaking.
And I smiled & just watched.  Tried to engage him in a dance, but he was in the middle of something & would have nothing of it.
He shook & stared at the floor for I don't know how long & then something came out of him & he just started moving!!!
Danced all night.

All of them danced all night.  Tried to copy the moves of the backup dancers & did the Soul Train dance & learned a line dance & tried to learn the worm &  it was so. much. fun.
At 11ish PM I saw the baby about to fall asleep in the arms of her newly married uncle & around 1115 I took her to get something to drink & she said, "I'm not thirsty, I'm just so tired."

We waved goodbye to my new sister & brother in law as they left in a boat & a shooting star 
made it's way across the sky.

That was about right.

The punctuation mark on the perfect evening.
And we're all still remembering the fun & trying to pick up the pieces that fell to the ground as we left town to party it up.  

And it was well worth it.

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The Doster's said...

I am so sad we missed it! I heard it was awesome!