Tuesday, October 12, 2010

heart break

Oh man.
I read this woman's words & I 'get it'. http://matthew185.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-broken-heart.html
When my heart first broke this way I became pretty self righteous & judgemental .... wondering what in the world was wrong with everyone else around me! It's like if you drink Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. You get in a camp & have very firm reasons why you drink what you drinkn& in order to defend your territory you state your case for whatever coffee it is.
My heart broke for the orphan & there was a season in my life when I thought everyone should feel the same way I did. Until a friend helped me see that my words carried a lot of guilt for her.......
And a light switch went off.
This heartbreak was specific for my heart.
God was nudging me towards learning a little bit about the plans He has for me.....
And if there was heartbreak for me......
then there was a heart break for her....
and for you.....
And if we all encouraged one another in the plans & the purposes that the Lord has set out for us to do.....even if we are uncomfortable with it.....if we could spur one another to have faith enough to execute these good deeds in faith. ...
Well, what a world it would be.

It excites me to look into the eyes of my friends - even people I am meeting for the first time - totally aware that God has a plan for their life.
That. Is. So. Exciting!

I stare at my kids in wonder at this truth.

What is it?

My big girl looked at me the other day while we were walking through a store & she said, "You & Me should open a store like this. We should sell old things. We should do it together. And help people."


That's from within her.

That was a priviledged moment that I got to be a part of right there.

And I shouldn't be surprised that the sweet Lord is showing little glimpses of her herat to me. I beg Him to please help us know her heart - help us shepherd each of them to be who He made them to be.

Beyond the boundaries of my expectations.

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Jill said...

This post is beautiful. And the linked one is amazing too. Such good stuff you wrote here...better a conversation than a blog comment. Think we need a cookie or cupcake date soon. =)