Saturday, October 23, 2010

Market plannings & goings on...

I'm exhausted.
A good kind of exhausted....the kind that comes with so many fun things going on - just not enough hours in the day to do them!
See the little jingle jangle over there?
Right there to your right?
So cute right?
That's been a primary activity that's been keeping me busy.....

The Garden market is in its 7th year!!
Which blows my mind.
What blows my mind even more is that even after all of the work that Wendi & I put in each year, & I will generally pull an all-nighter the night before just for kicks.....even after all of the stress that can come with pulling this thing off.....I have never wanted to bag it.
Even in that enhausting moment just as the last few people leave & we're packing things up & sweeping the place down & carrying heavy things to cars.....I still look forward to the next year.

Now, we'll see if that holds true after this year....

But for now. Right now - I am so excited!

And these wonderful artists - many of them mommas who put their amazing talents to work - some are willingly giving away items or 1/2 off of items just for becoming a fan on the garden market facebook page.

And I hope you will. And I you will encourage us all by passing the word on to your friends.

And we all hope to see you there....there will be a grand surprise which involves a certain Atlanta street vendor & a truck.

More details to stay tuned - find it on facebook - or you can always check the blog, too.
OH & always feel free to grab that little jingle jangle from the garden market blog & post it on your blog.
Always appreciated....Plus, what a great way to get your blog all gussied up for Christmas :)

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