Thursday, February 18, 2010

home home home

They're Home! They're Home!! We went to the airport to see Amy & Court introduce their newest family member to their family & friends. It was overwhelming to witness. It was surreal. My sweet big girl looked at me with eyes that said much more than her young mind is able to articulate. She looked like she might burst into tears or explode all together & she fell into me with an awkward laugh that,I'm pretty sure, she gets from me. She laughed & said, "They're home!" And my boy kept pointed & saying, "yuk (look) der's Sarah & Ammy. dey right dere." We have prayed faithfully for this family & it was amazing to be live in person for a very personal homecoming. A rescue. A changed life. All of them, actually. And all of us. Changed.
Things are put in a little more appropriate perspective right now seeing a family give so much to rescue a little girl who truly had to be rescued. She's beautiful. She's wonderful. She's a leader. She is so so smart & so so strong.
It's been an emotional day & I am sure I am rambling....I have pictures, but I want to give the Levy's a chance to post their story in photos before i go stealing their spotlight :).
So for now, i'm off to bed. Hope to sign on tomorrow with something...maybe just some updated pictures for the family members of mine that still check in here from time to time :).

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