Monday, July 13, 2009

my boy

Well, I got myself a new computer :). And I am learning that it takes a lot of time to reorganize one of these things. I thought technology was supposed to save time & i've never found that to be true. Anyway, not the point of this post. I was getting my pictures up on the new computer & was looking through them as I went. And I saw this one........have i posted this one before?
Sorry, if I have. I ran into a friend the other day & he mentioned that of the 20 times he's seen my boy he's had this shirt on 18 of those 20 times. I think he's dead on right. We do love our Superman shirt.
This picture captures so much of what I think I will remember about him being 2. He's a carefree kid. Just content to be on the path as long as he can stop, point & speak to any bugs along the way. And he usually moves his head around as he walks....or when he talks....he can be very expressive & "matter of fact." Like in this picture, I imagine that he's saying something like, "I am walking on the sidewalk, Mommy" or "my name is TWO" or "my shirt is red" - "no buddy - your shirt is blue" "no, mommy, my shirt is red"
When I was in labor with the 1st i was told by my OB that I was very "matter of fact" - I have wondered ever since what that sweet of God to give me a boy to show me.
So this is just a post about my boy :).
I am only surprised that his crocs are not on backwards. Another thing I will remember about him being 2.
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