Friday, July 10, 2009

the 4th

I am fully aware that today is like the 10th of July & that I am way delayed in posting anything, but better late than never, right?? We spent the 4th with some of my family up in Tennessee - it was wonderful. Relaxing and peaceful & i have tons of pictures on memory cards & memories swimming around in my head - but i thought it would be good to post these 1st. The kids loved the fireworks & they really were spectacular.
My big girl woke up that morning to put on her red white & blue that I had laid out for her & she asked "why, Mom? why do we wear red, white & blue?" and "Why, Mom? Why are we going to a parade?" So I gave her her first "we are celebrating our great nation! The freedom that we take for granted! The freedom that you even are ALLOWED to wear that adorable little skirt & shirt that we have the freedom to buy a Target! We have a Target in this great United States of America! And the breakfast you ate today - do you realize how incredibly fortunate we are?" And I am not sure when she walked away or how long I stood there with my hand over my heart talking to myself.....but I think Daddy will get all of the questions from now on. I fell certain that Mommy has been relieved of her duties temporarily.
But it was a great day. I'll post other pictures in a little while when the kids are not screaming & nipping at my heels. Enjoy these for now.

You'll notice here that she is in brown.....well, it is late in the day & I don't prepare multiple holiday outfits...the other one was just plum worn out after all of the picnicing & bike riding & candy catching. But isn't that a fun picture???
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Jill said...

OK, look how big that sweet Annie is getting! And I hope Lu doesn't forget me while I'm on our neighborhood sabatical. We miss seeing you guys! Oh, and love your 4th of July story - 4th of July was on of my Mom's favorite holidays. She had many patriotic CD's and would always go on and on just like you did. Don't worry, it'll make a big impression on your kids!!!