Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Reunion

I have been neglecting my blog - I know....but the good news is that much has been going on so I have much to report. Fairly arrogant of me to believe that I have large audiences gnawing their finger nails just waiting for me to tell you about the exciting happenings of our life....but I do know for a fact that I have a cousin who is patiently waiting. And so for her, my audience of one, I continue to blog :).

The kids & I went to Mississippi - as I posted earlier - we ate a lot of food, it was hot, and it was great to be with family again. This was the 1st reunion that I have been to in a while - I actually am not sure if I remember actually going to one, but I know that I have. I have memories of this church - that is Carr church in the background of this picture - that's my aunt Betty, she's awesome. One of the reasons we decided to go this year is because this is the 1st year that my sweet uncle Billy would not be there & also they were honoring my grandfather, who I never even got to meet. Being there wihtout my uncle just made me regret not coming back to these reunions when I could have enjoyed it with him. It made it even more real that he's not here anymore. So it was great to be there....but a little bittersweet, as I think life has been for many of us since he died. I had a friend say to me after her grandmother died that going through this made her realize that death is the most unnatural thing. A strange comment at 1st & then I realize that it is SO true. This is not how God intended for life to be - we are creatures inteded to live eternally.
Well, I have successfully rambled enough through this entry. I'll move on to lighter topics & post happy fun pictures from the past few weeks.
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maggiemaeupdates said...

i read your blog too :)

Ann said...

Davis, Jon's family had a reunion in Miss. this past weekend and his family is the "Carr's"...any chance that was the same reunion?

Merri said...

Add three more blog readers in Decatur!