Monday, March 31, 2008

15 weeks

Well, we went to the doctor today. 15 weeks. I forget how anxious I get at the doctor's office. Just that moment of truth - will we hear a heartbeat??!! It is with me every time. Lee & I talked about it's not really a fear, but definitely a haunting reminder of the past. It was a great visit & after all I ate this weekend, I'm actually surprised we could hear anything through all that...we'll call it "cushion." But that's part of the fun of being pregnant, I say. I think we'll find out what we're having at the next visit, assuming that baby is cooperating. So you voters don't have as much time left to vote as you may have thought! We have never found out before, so this is really exciting for us. We had a big weekend with priceless pictures....I'll post them soon.

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Heather said...

We found out yesterday we are having a girl! It's crazy to think pink after 2 boys! I'm still a little shell shocked!