Thursday, March 13, 2008

1st steps

Unbelieveable. I've been so wrapped up in the woes of 1st trimester pregnancy that I forgot to report that the baby (not the one in utero) took his first steps. We were at a friend's house while Lee was in Europe....and have I not mentioned that Lee was in Europe for like 10 days?! There's so much to talk about. Anyway, he did - he took his first steps at his friend Hall's house. And now it seems he's decided he'd rather just crawl. Who knows why. Maybe he was just showing off in frnot of Hall. Maybe he's more familiar with crawling. Maybe he's a cautious kid - though I don't really think so. Maybe he's still got a lot to see from the floor perspective. Maybe he sees how little the walking girl gets picked up & carried. I'm thinking that's probably it. Because you see, for being the little man in the house, he really has attached himself to the position as "baby." He's my cuddler. And I think I'm ok with it. If he starts walking again, I'll post a picture.

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