Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Colorado glasses

Lee & I took a last minute trip to Colorado. Well, it was last minute for me. It was a conference/meeting deal for Lee....I just decided to tag along at the last minute. I haven't been feeling well & the idea of being sick without taking care of the kdis sounded appealing to me. So, I went. And these are what we brought back for the girl. The boy got a ball & LOVES it.....just didn't snap any pictures.
Anyway, it was a great get away for us - much needed.


Mary Harwell said...

Glad you were able to get away and be sick alone for a while! I remember lying on the bathroom floor waiting to be sick and thinking 'what have I done' and then trying to be positive and thinking 'at least this means the baby is thriving'! Good luck......donuts always worked for me.

Merri said...

Lemonade Gatorade and saltine crackers were what I lived off of when pregnant with Faith. I actually dropped 8 pounds the first three months. :-)

The O'Brien Family said...

You did make it out to Colorado, probably just did not ski this time!