Sunday, April 7, 2013

30 seconds

I have a ton of favorite pictures and moments from the big trip.  

But this series is among the top.
That big girl right there... was a little on the scared-y side of riding the barnstormer.
Tiny roller coaster.
30 seconds.
And real scared.

Fear can have its handle on us from time to time.
It's a family affair.
There's no doubt that apple did not fall far.

But, we weren't letting fear keep us from making big memories on this trip.
Strengthening muscles of adventure & sometimes failing & getting back up again & trying new things & fun & faith.

And I just love the delight on the face of that little babe of mine in the back. 
The fearless one.
Except for bees. 
Terrified of bees.

And this perfect imperfect shot.
Oh my goodness.
Forever grateful that I almost dropped the camera trying to get this moment.


That muscle got a little stronger.
We didn't leave that one on the table that day because of fear.

And wouldn't you know it.....she went on to ride space mountain with me.
Crazy girl.
What have we started.....
She'll be riding in fast cars before I can blink & I'll have to remember that I might have helped it to begin.
But we were there for this.
This watching her became awake to something within her.
That adventure God has planted right in her heart.
I saw it wake up.

It's those front row seats I've been talking about.
And this show is not nearly as long as we think it is.
And as they move into their lives & their routines & as I do the same.
I realize that the days really are flying. by.
30 seconds....up & down & scream & laugh....& it's done.

This trip was just what the doctor ordered.
A lot got dropped to do this thing.
And it was worth it.
It was so worth it.

He's got us right where he wants us right now.
And we're all inning it.  
Overcoming fear & learning to fail & leaning into the hard & being adventurous...
It takes practice.
And practice is what we will do as we walk out this life He has painted specifically for us.
Isn't God cool....painting stories of Himself through His people?
We say yes to that.
The ups & the downs & the goods & the bads.

This life is a blink & we are thankful to be in the story.

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