Saturday, December 10, 2011


For a couple of years we have noticed that my big girl has squinted.
It's been strange, though, because she sees some things clearly far away & close up & she passes all of her vision screenings at her pediatricians office. They came to the conclusion that she may have gotten into the habit of squinting because of her hair being in her eyes.
Her squinting was sort of random & she never struggled in the classroom.
So we didn't do anything. We sort of got used to it & were fine to listen to the advice of our doctor.
Until about a month ago when her teacher suggested we take her to see an eye doctor.
And she has something called amblyopia.
Which is kind of a fun word to say. But it was weird to hear when I was simply expecting a prescription.
And she needs glasses & she'll wear a patch for a little while every day to help her eye start working again.
And she's fine with all of it.
And we are too.
But it's strange to hear any sort of diagnosis from a doctor about your kid.
Something less than perfect.
But why in the world do we expect perfect?
We are blessed with so many resources to fix, or at least duct tape, our problems, that when the natural break down happens, we are shocked.
Maybe it's because there are so many cushions that do break our falls that it's hard to understand when the cushion is not there.
We were never promised perfect, but I sometimes think I am entitled to perfect.
The right guy for a lifetime. The right number of kids - healthy, please. The house in the location that keeps me comfortable. The money to maintain life as I enjoy it...and if I'm honest I would say I do a lot to keep all of that in balance.
And we were never promised all of that.
What's crazy is that the Dr telling us that she had this condition is not what gave her this condition.
It was already there.
We are thankful he told us so we could do something about it. Because it was the not doing something about it that brought us to this place anyway. If we had taken her in sooner & heard someone tell us that her eyes didn't work well, then we would have known what was true....and dealt with that before her eye stopped working.
But we continued to walk around a little blurry.
And it's easy to do that.
To walk around with a condition that can be fixed, but don't because we've gotten comfortable with where we are.

Our eye's minor compared to other things.
And it's never a great idea to compare those stories because they are all jam packed with opportunity. It's a big part of His story for her....but in the scheme of's not really a real big deal.
Right after she got her glasses & started wearing her adorable little pirate patches, we went to church.
And Louie, our pastor man, spoke about the man born blind.
And it was like Jesus himself was introducing me to a friend.
I smiled & felt such peace.
It was a sweet reminder of a man whose life we never would have recognized....had Jesus had not encountered that man born blind.
He shines in the darkness.
And so I pray & she believes that God will meet us in these times of perceived imperfection. And He can.
And because she wants Him to, I know He will.


Nancy C said...

I didn't think she could get any cuter, but I think those glasses are adorable on her!

The Doster's said...

so precious! and love your words!