Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I love Christmas.
When I was pregnant with my eldest, her due date was January 1st. And my Christmas wish was that she would be with me in front of a fire, hot chocolate in hand, by Christmas day.
And she was.
She continues to show herself as a thoughtful child.
I waited with such anticipation for her.
This new person - the dream in my heart was about to be real.
And all during Advent, pastors & priests everywhere are trying to find new & creative ways to help the people muster up that same anticipation.
I think about it every time I read part of the Christmas story to my kids....I wonder if they will grow bored with the story. Because I certainly have in my life. I heard it so many times that I just quit listening.
And it breaks my heart.
We live in a fast moving culture & if it's not new, well, then it's old & we lose interest.

One of my kids totally gets it.
He actually said today, "Mom! I almost forgot! I thought for a minute how excited I was for the toys on Christmas, but then I thought ooooooh, wait! Christmas is not about the toys. Even if I got no toys, God still gave me the best present."

& it's become very contagious....this excitement for a Savior being born.
So we have been following his lead.
This child is loving the passage from Isaiah where he tells the people what a gift that is coming for them! And I am able to imagine how exciting that must have been.

Everything we could ever hope for is still the same!!!
And He was coming into the world!!!
And He is coming again.

'And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace'

And that is all I need.
I pray that I will be filled with that sufficient gift this Christmas......and nothing more.

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