Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer 2011

Not sure how it happened but I have let my/our schedule spin completely out of control. I don't know if I had some margin in my life & thought it wise to fill up every waking moment on the calendar, or what....but it's been a tad crazy around here. I enjoy the lazy mornings where even at lunchtime we realize that we are still in our pajamas, popsicles for breakfast, spur of the moment walks around the neighborhood,'s what summer is all about.
We haven't had that just yet.
We have instead had the schedule similar to a college football player....two a days is what they call it, I believe. I never played college football myself (brief pause for shock & awe)...but I had friends & know about things like this & it never sounded like fun. So how I managed to arrange this type of daily life for me & 3 small children is really hard to understand.
Don't get me wrong, all of the things we have been doing are actually really fun. I think I have fallen into the spiral of being afraid to 'miss out'. The list of really great & fun things to do is a long one.
And I don't wanna choose.
I want to do it all.

Swim team? Yes.
VBS? Absolutely.
Volunteer at VBS? Why not!?
Dinner with friends? Count me as a yes.
Afternoon swimming with friends? Of Course.
Let's throw in a doctor's appointment, a haircut, a swim lesson & a broken coffee maker situation.
All in the same week? Noooooo problem.
We are having the time of our lives, but the problem comes when we're all crying from complete exhaustion at the end of the day & when we try to recap the super fun memories....all I can say is, "Please stop talking! Lie down...I know you're still in your clothes just go to sleep you'll change in the morning. I'm turning the lights off......"
No. Fun.
So, we're slowing down.

And the other night we sat on the porch & made our list....the things we want to do this summer. And it pleased me so to hear suggestions such as "Movie night with popcorn!!! Let's go on a walk!! Swimming when it's dark outside!!!"
Summer....we're a little late but we're coming & we can't wait.
We took a picture of our first thing checked off the list..... Family Slushie Day.


Nancy C said...

sounds like a great plan to me!

Ashleigh said...

love this. I'm having a similar summer.. it's time the Culp family had some slushies.