Wednesday, September 15, 2010

she's 2. Part 1.

In spite of my best efforts to prevent it from happening...
my baby turned two.
She is growing up & I can barely handle it!
How is this happening so quickly?
She's so tiny that it really did sneak up on me. I would laugh & say, "can you believe that little thing is almost 2?!"
Not fully understanding that that meant I would no longer have a 1 year old.
This little girl is precious in so many ways.
I adore her! Yes, she is confused about her role in this family. She is certain that she is in charge. And believes with her whole heart that she should get what she wants when she wants it & she has been this way from the get-go. I remember sitting with her in the hospital - just the day after she was born.
Just me and her. Or is it her and me? If my dad is reading this he will call & let me know....& I would actually really appreciate that.
Anyway, we were sitting there when our pediatrician came in to check on us. We chatted & she was just about to leave when I mentioned that my baby didn't like to be wet or dirty....even for a moment. She would yell to be cleaned off immediately.
This hadn't happened with the 2 that came before her & I thought Dr. F could offer some insight.
"Your third isn't supposed to be like that."
And that, my friends, really is who my kid is. She really likes to let us know how she would like things and she hasn't taken the hint that we aren't following her lead....maybe because we are following her lead. Maybe there in lies the problem.

And these are just a few pictures of day 1 of celebrating this baby girl's first 2 years on this planet.

I love being her mom.

I think we're going to have tons of fun together ;).

Happy birthday little girl.
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natalie said...

She's 2??? Really??? Wow, Happy Birthday!

Ashleigh said...

so so so sweet. love her. and you.

Anonymous said...

I think it's "She and I." ;-) Precious pictures. She's a doll.

The Doster's said...

She looks so much like Lewis in that first picture!

Jill said...

I could eat her!! Lindy is actually old enough to "play" so we may need to have an actual play date with these two soon. Happy Birthday Annie!

Amanda said...

Awww! BTW, I fell in love with Annie at PMO on Tuesday. She is a wonderful little girl and her love for life is OBVIOUS!