Saturday, January 2, 2010

cookies & saliva

I am just so behind on documenting this was crazy. Crazy fun. But nevertheless, it was a little bit full of the crazy. I am making notes to avoid - or at least try to avoid - the craziness next year. These are pictures from Christmas eve. Our church gave the kids the ingredients to make cakes or cookies to celebrate Jesus' birthday. So we made them & my boy licked his hands & then touched each cookie so only they truly got to enjoy the sugary goodness of the cookies. We have actually learned that in my boy's short life not to ever eat after him.
He licks his food. You should know that if you ever come over here. He "marks" his food the way a dog marks his territory...a little different in that I have never seen him pee on his food - but he does lick it. And that falls into the same category in my opinion.
Just know you've been warned.
It was a great December! The kids are at such fun ages.....except for the baby - a story for another time.
Much to update.....I know. I'll get it done. Just check back this'll see.

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Nancy Clarkson said...

Those are the prettiest cookies I have EVER seen!