Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas morn

This picture actually helped to explain a lot of Christmas morning to me - after the fact. You see, I realize from this particular picture that my boy was woken from a deep sleep to come check out the festivities. He was confused. He is 2. He wasn't even sure what was going on. And some of the gifts given involved noise - a trumpet, a violin, a harmonica, a saxophone, a was loud. It was nuts. And there was crying. Lots of falling apart & crying. I remember looking at Lee with my arms out with a "What in the world is going on here!??!" Now, don't get me wrong......there were happy moments & I was successful at recording each smile on film. Just a lot of pictures taken one right after the other.
Following a good breakfast, lunch at the grandparents & a nap....the Christmas magic was back in action. All smiles & giggles......& jumping.....Granddaddy sent a mini indoor trampoline & the kids just jumped & jumped. Our families were SO incredibly generous with gifts, as they always are......i haven't been able to pick which gift was the favorite of the year...which is great. The kids have been joyfully occupied by all of their new gifts. Was there a favorite gift in your house this year?
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