Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Day

So it was New Year's morning & we were at the beach with some family...and for whatever reason, Lee & I decided to run the 5K that was going on at the beach. We haven't been back into running for very long. Days, actually. Just enough running that my legs are really sore....not quite ready for a 5K.
I sound like a wimp.
Well, I'm cool with that.
I have 3 kids & 1 of them is only 4 months old...and not even that, yet.
Anyway, we walk onto the windy beach & it. is. cold.
I stopped & said, "Let's just take a walk down the road. Or find a treadmill. Or a hot tub - let's just go hang out in the hot tub!"
"No. We're doing this."
The wind at our backs for the 1st half & the wind coming straight at us for the 2nd half.
We cross the starting line & it's fine. The wind is carrying us & things are good. We're having good conversation - catching up on things - talking about the New Year & the crazy year that just ended. We started the year having NO IDEA that we would be meeting Annie & now she's with us & we can't remember life without her.
So, we're running & talking - like I said....and the conversation gets deep as we hit the halfway mark - we turn & the wind is pushing us backwards..i swear.... & we hit a disagreement. I get emotional & had to stop running. I can't cry & run at the same least not when I'm out of shape.
We walk.
We talk.
I cry.
And then we're just walking.
"Let's run again" he says
"You go ahead" - I was thinking I could use a little space & I couldn't run.
We're not in a fight - things were fine, we just couldn't see eye to eye on this - and he could have run on....with zero hard feelings.
But he didn't.
We walked together. Quietly.
Until we were both ready to pick up the pace.
It's one of the things that makes us work so well.
He walks with me - when I just can't run - even when he doesn't really want to.

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The O'Brien Family said...

We've had a number of runs like that...always seems like when the run gets the hardest...the emotions start awaking in me!