Sunday, November 16, 2008

wonderful memories

Only the big girl was awake one afternoon when my dad said he would stay at the house with the sleepers & Lee & I could take big sister to the beach one last time. She had been earlier in the weeek & had a blast, but for whatever reason she said, "I don't want to go to the beach with sand."
"Come on, we're gonna have fun!" we chimed back. So we loaded her onto the back of the bike & took a ride to the beach.
She was reluctant at first - head buried in her daddy's shoulder.

Then she warmed up a bit - up on the shoulders, smiling, gaining confidence....
And then she just started playing. Drawing in the sand. Laughing. We were having a blast - makin' mem-ries.

And then we started playing chase - me & the girl, that is. Lee was watching from the sidelines. She loves to run around & "Be crazy!!!" She says it all the time, "Let's be crazy!!!!"
So we're running...."I'm gonna get you!" squeals of true joy.
And then with the grace of an feet get tangled up somehow & I'm falling......I reach out my arm to catch my fall, my hand hits her back & I accidentally throw my 3 year old face planted into the sand.
Her face covered. Blood definitely coming out of her mouth.
We load her back into the bike...tears & wailing & this is what I heard the whole way back,
"Mommy pushed me down!" & "I don't want to go to the beach with sand!"
Seriously, what kind of therapy are we going to be paying for.....seriously.
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Natalie said...

That's classic! I think one of your major responsibilities as a parent is to give your kids something to talk about in therapy. :)

Ashleigh said...

oh Davis. you are SO funny!

The O'Brien Family said...

Your stories are so funny. I hope she is ok now...the trauma is never forgotten in our house, either!

Anonymous said...

Just to reassure you, Davis, many, many moons ago I unintentionally threw my then 5yo son into the windshield of our car while on the way to a friend's birthday party at Sergeant Singer's.

I hadn't noticed him playing with his seat belt while I was driving on I-285 until we were on the exit ramp.

As we slowed near the top, I glanced over and saw the situation, prepared to say, "Buckle up" only to realize in a split-second that the car in front of me that had been turning had come to a screeching halt.

Oh, no! Too late for us to avoid bumping her car! (It really was just a bump.)

Oh, the wails on his part and the anguish on mine! I thought I had damaged him physically, mentally, and emotionally for life!

Not only that, our windshield was also now cracked, and the other driver was out of her car, gesturing at me in a not-so-friendly manner.

End result?

The other driver shrugged everything off with an "oh, well" (her car wasn't damaged at all) and took off after the police officer who came informed her that she had nothing to make a claim about.

We wound up being about 35 minutes late for the party, but he *did* make it and found out that he actually *did* like pizza and played video games with his friends for the remaining 90 minutes, laughing, running, having the time of his life. No obvious trauma other than a small red bump on his forehead.

Fast forward 25 years - he's now 30yo, with a lovely wife, gainfully employed, and well thought of in his church and community.

However, do you think he's ever forgotten that event or let me forget it?

Nope - but at least he will still ride with me driving the car from time to time. :-)