Sunday, November 2, 2008


My battery was dying on the camera for the morning pictures & then i left it at a friend's house for the evening pictures! The big girl looked a little different that night, but this is what she looked like the morning she left for school. Adorable, right?
We are not huge Halloween people - we love Christmas & Valentine's Day & Easter...we jump all over birthdays & believe whole heartedly in celebrating. But halloween isn't our she's in a t shirt. But she wasn't just begging to be anything special for halloween & I'm certainly not going to spend a whole lotta cash on a costume when I wasn't even sure if she would be interested.....and then the whole candy thing. Well, i'm exhausted from a child jacked up on sugar....and I am 10 pounds heavier. I have to say, though, she had a blast. Her laugh is contagious & I heard it often that night :).
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Anonymous said...

Adorable! She's the custest trick-or-treater I've ever seen!