Friday, July 18, 2008

Fifteen minutes in the life of me

So, we went to a birthday party for a friend the other afternoon - it was at a super jump-jump place .... it was a blast. Lots & lots of smiles from the little girl. The parents were kind enough to serve pizza, to which I thought "Awesome. Dinner....check!" One less thing on my list....but, of course, she ate the ice cream for dinner & cake for dessert. And washed it all down with some apple juice. She & sugar don't mix well. Surely I have posted on this......& if not, just trust me - she goes crazy. Turns out I was the same way as a kid. Anyway, I have a point & I promise to get to it.....and I guess it's not really a "point"'s just a story....and I think I have to document it whether anyone wants to read about it or not. So, we're at the party.....the sugar has been consumed & it's nearing time to go home.
"Can i go play?"
"Sure, but just for a few minutes because we need to get home"
SHe's jumping & jumping & climbing & laughing & every now & then she jumps up & I see her grinning adorable face.....full of joy. Only one time her head pops up & that beautiful smile definitely had a tint of blood to it.
"Get out. You're bleeding"
So she does. Minor lip bustage - she's gonna be fine. Whew.
"Let's go get your shoes & head on home"
While she's putting on her shoes, a pack of boys accidentally knock her down - she hits her bottom on a metal bar & tears & screams follow. I wanted to make sure she was OK, but I wasn't sure if I should lift her dress up in public & there's a little boy in my arms, which just makes it hard to maneuver....I have a feeling in my gut that she's really OK so we calm down & head for the car. She opened her goody bag, the crying stops & with tears still streaming she exclaims, "Oh MAN! It's all my favorites!"
She's good.
So we pull out headed towards home & I hear a muffled sound from the back.....I look in the rearview...she's choking. So i pull over, open the back door & pull out.....a gummy worm. And then she pukes all over me. This all happened over a span of FIFTEEN MINUTES!
And I ask am I ready for a 3rd baby?


Ashleigh said...

oh my word. Don't start freaking out... we are in this 3 kids 3 and under deal together. If you freak out, I might freak out!

Jill said...

WOW. I totally meant to ask your for details on this when we walked..gosh, next time you have a day like that, put the kids in bed and walk down to my house where you can debrief with me over a chick flick and remember the days before kids!! (Not that you want to go back to those days..but just maybe for an hour..I think we could offer therapy to each other in this way. I hear your stories and realize it's OK that I don't have any..a few hours in my quiet house and you'll be missing your cuties like crazy!)

Anonymous said...

WOW, that sounds crazy. You tell the story so well and to read it almost seems sureal. You are a great mom and seriously your kids are the cutest! I love to see pictures of them...Hope you are enjoying the summer!
Mary Gronseth