Thursday, July 10, 2008

and finally - Happy 4th!

Well, we went to N Georgia for the 4th & had a great time. Laid back, cooler weather, a small town parade. It was so much fun. The girl waved her flag & caught her lollipops in the parade with pride. The boy was honestly just exhausted all day - that may be the only smiling picture I have of him. And we ate lunch at this fantastic BBQ buffet - hamburgers, watermelon, the works. The girl came running from the dessert table yelling, "MOM! LOOK WHAT I GOT!" And she seemed to enjoy her 1st piece of cheesecake with cherries on top. Hope you had a happy 4th, too.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Lewis only stopped smiling long enough to eat! I love their patriotic outfits!

The O'Brien Family said...

They have the same precious smile!

Mary said...

Bo's expression is such a Davis expression!!! I love it! Sorry we missed you guys while you were in Jackson. How are you feeling?