Sunday, January 13, 2013


This was my big girl's year for a big birthday party.
And when I asked her what she wanted to do....she said, "I just want my friends to come over & watch a movie"

Well, alrighty.
We can handle that.

And so we made the plan.
Some girls from school + two.
We bought movie theater candy, bought popcorn, sent the evite, made a photo booth for the occasion....because, how fun is THAT!?

And then my girl spiked a 103.5 fever & the party was canceled.
And she honestly felt too bad to even care.
And I honestly was thrilled to have my big girl need to be babied for a few days.
These birthdays are bittersweet for this momma.

So, we finally got to come back around and celebrate my 8 year old....EIGHT. YEAR. OLD.

And 10 little girls, with my little man & baby girl running at their heels, ran into this house & we had a blast.
She was on cloud nine.
I'm thankful for the answered prayer in her life for good friends to walk along side.
I'm thankful that I get to watch all of these girls grow up together.
I'm just so thankful.
So, happy birthday to my thinker.
My super reader.
My competitive card game player.
My American Girl doll lover.
My lover of animals.
My silliest.
My 3rd in command.
My early riser.
The mother hen & the one who made me a mother.
I love you.   Happy birthday.

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