Monday, May 24, 2010


I had a birthday this weekend & it may have been the best one yet. We had such a great time - and i didn't have my camera on me all day, but i did when the family loaded me in the car early Saturday to venture out to a brunch rarely happens with small children & it is my very favorite meal. Doesn't really matter what time you eat brunch....just that it is brunch. And Lee researched places to find the very spot that would knock my socks off.....and it did. AND - the place had cupcakes....AMAZING cupcakes. They gave me one to take home as a birthday happy.....and did I mention that our waitress & I share the same birthday....a fun day. A really really really fun day.

So, i don't have pictures of me shopping or spending some one on one time with my boy or dinner out with friends.....I only have the pictures from brunch....and I have hit that year that was officially "old" to me growing up. I remember vividly having conversations of what I would be doing when I was "thirty-five" .....and none of it is like I thought it would be when I thought about the future at 17..... I am not in a retirement home, I am a little behind on pop culture & technology as a whole & when i was shopping I thought how nice it is to now be a season behind on all the fashion trends because I can shop the sale racks & be thrilled & feel "caught up".... and I look at those faces & am reminded that I couldn't have dreamed it to be this great. Overwhelmingly blessed.
And I am still planning to celebrate. I let Lee know that the month of May is mine....all mine and we will celebrate until it ends :). So, Happy Birthday to me :).
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Ashleigh said...

I love this post. Happy birthday to you. I'm also a participant in the birthday month... good for you, live it up! That retirement home might be just around the corner for you friend. ;)