Monday, November 2, 2009


She wanted to be Laura Ingalls - you know, from Little House on the Prarie & I thought it was a PERFECT idea.....then i found out that it's expensive to be Laura Ingalls.......but I got into it. I was online & I thought I had it all figured out & it was going to cost like $85 & I hadn't even gone searching for those lace up boots yet! Well, while I was zeroed in on the internet trying to find all of the pieces to make this costume perfect....she had gone upstairs and found a pink dress up dress, paired it with a polka dot skirt & some pink shoes, found a wand & said "I just wanna be this"
And "this" was free.
Free won.
She called it "pink-a-purplicious" up unti the day of halloween, when she said she was simply "pinkalicious"
And I think she looks adorable.......she had a blast & I think it was more fun for her to have come up with it all on her own.
Halloween is over but the candy is still lingering around here & I'm considering just leaving town next year for halloween.....I guess that wouldn't make much sense.....people celebrate halloween other places, don't they?
Well, I can't do this again...the no sleeping, temper tantrum throwing, not to mention all the weight I've gained in the process of trying to minimize the amount of sugar going into their little bodies.
I looked in the backseat yesterday & my boy was sucking a milky way with the wrapper still on. he couldn't figure out how to open it so instead of asking for help or simply waiting until we got home, he just thought he would suck it out of there. Disgusting.
REAL glad it's over.
Let's get ready for THANKSGIVING!
Doesn't it look like she has on makeup!!? Well, she doesn't.....but doesn't it look like she does?!
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Jill said...

I LOVE the pinkalicious costume! Perfect! And, seriously, you are JUST being a good Mom trying to keep THEM from having all the sugar....

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a prettier "pinkalicious" costume in my life!
She is absolutely precious!!

Love ya'll,